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Cable and Deadpool Link List 3

The lovely storm_dragoness made a master list of the Cable/Deadpool kink meme comment fics. Part 1 and Part 2 are on her journal and the continuation will be here.

The meme didn't completely die in 2011, and there's a decent number of fics that weren't added to this list. If you're just now getting into Deadpool/Cable or even if you've been a fan, you might not of have caught these.

Last Updated: May 10, 2016

- Parting Shots
[Bullseye/Deadpool || Bullseye got dumped by Daken and Deadpool is divorced to Cable]

- I Open Up My Wings Of Glass
[Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool gets wings]

- Eclipse
[Ghost!Deadpool is haunting Normal!Cable]

- These Whereabouts Unknown
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes back to life and finds out that Wade is now a member of X-Force, a.k.a the team he formed]

- Rape Me
[Deadpool/Multiple Men, Cable || Deadpool gets kidnapped and gang banged and the video is sent to Cable]

- Who's Your Daddy?
[Implied Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool meets his future/alternate kids that he had with Cable]

- The Merc Who's A Mute
[Cable/Deadpool || Everyone is happy DP lost his voice... Except for Nate - Sidenote, while this story is technically incomplete, the last part that was written kind of acts as a happy ending]

-Head Trauma
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade never stops hurting]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Baked goods]

- Have a Talk
[Wade and Al have a talk about Nate]

- Daddy
[Deadpool/his dad || non-con, incest, blood warning]

- Little Hope
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope || Fairytale!AU]

- What Are You Wearing?
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade is wearing Spider-man underwear and Nate does not approve]

- Aw, Screw It
[Pretty!Wade/Cable || Scott thinks Nate is going through a mid-life crisis, Dialogue only]

- Amnesia Fill
[Nate/Amnesiac!Wade || Wade loses his memory, hijinx with Cable ensue]

- Hold It Against Me
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade starts singing Britney Spears's 'Hold it against me'
While fighting zombies and Nate finds himself distracted by it]

- Gentling
[Cable/Deadpool || Angsty!Hyper-gentle!Sex]

- Homeward Bound
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope|| Wade tries to bond with Hope after Nate's Death]

- May Contain Sleeping Deadpools
[Cable/Sleeping!Deadpool || Consenual somnophilia]

- Ohana
[Captain America/Deadpool || Deadpool and Cap watch a movie, and Deadpool cries]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes back in an X-force setting]

- Breathless
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade breaks down and Nate doesn't know what to do]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || More sobbing Wade]

- The Box
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate donates the wrong box of Wade's to charity]

- The Whole Freakin' Bottle
[Cable/Deadpool || Short crack fic]

- Marital Commitments
[Cable/Deadpool || Nathan proposes to Wade. On going series on AO3]

- When Boxes React
[Deadpool is pretty again and he doesn't even know it]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade and Nate have a private walk and Wade's fantasy comes true]

- Aw, Screw It!
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade makes people think Cable is going through a midlife crisis and force Scott Summers to have an uncomfortable Father-to-Son talk with Cable, dialogue only]

- Body Heat
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate becomes unconscious from hypothermia and it's up to Deadpool to save him]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Sex gets interrupted because Wade realizes that 'we' are watching them, short fic]

- King For A Day
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate stumbles upon Wade wearing a pink cocktail dress]

- On Thin Ice
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope || Nate, Wade, and Hope go see dancing on ice and Deadpool gets himself into some trouble]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Short pwp (will have to scroll through a few comments)]

- Whispers In the Dark
[Wolverine/Deadpool || Wade says Nate's name when with Logan]

- Phone Sex
[Cable/Deadpool || Title says it all]

Marvel Kink Meme
- Prison Sucks
[Logan/Deadpool, Victor/Deadpool || Team X days, while imprisoned together]

- Untitled
[Bullseye imagines fucking Deadpool to death, warning very graphic although it all takes place in Bullseye's imagination]

- Untitled
[The Cat/Deadpool]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || TO-fisting]

- Quick Fantasy
[Cable/Deadpool || Black Mamba episode, short fic]

- Untitled
[Daken/Deadpool || Daken acts menacing evil while trying to dominate and Wade thinks it's adorable and also tends to bounce back rather than break]

- Riding The Wild Wade
[Deadpool/Everyone || Movieverse, Origins!Era. Team X are tasked with capturing a pheromone controlling mutant. Their target escapes after pitching the boys into an orgy, gang-bang with Wade as the bottom. Bonus Drabble]

- Wolverine/Deadpool
[Wolverine/Deadpool || post-apoctolyptic fuck]

- RP
[Roleplay conversation. Another one here]

- True Bromance
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes to terms with his feelings and takes Wade to a candlelight dinner]

- Internal Narratives
[Deadpool/Harry Lockhart || Breaking the fourth wall & Deadpool convinces Harry he's in a comic)

- You Can't Tell Me Seuss Wasn't A Pervert
[Cable/Deadpool || Cablepool meets Dr. Seuss]

- Super Nookie
[Deadpool starts a superhero porn site]

- Untitled
[Teen!Nate/Deadpool || Jailbait Nate tries to seduce Wade in Intercourse, PA]

- Tentacle Rape
[Crazy!Nate/Deadpool || Wade gets trapped in the canon AU where Cable's TO had taken over the world, with the canon tentacle probing of ourverse!Deadpool in a sensitive place]

- Untitled
[Deadpool ends up in a gender-flipped, Rule 63 world and can't let go of how everyone is a woman]

- Untitled
[Daken/Multiple Pairings || Logan is sick of hearing from villains he's fighting how they did his son in the ass]

- A Cautionary Tale
[Deadpool/Daken || Deadpool tries to give Daken some advice about safe sex, because if he's not careful he's going to find himself in an mpreg someday]

- Untitled
[Deadpool/Daken || Deadpool tries inform Daken about Mpreg but he doesn't listen. Mpreg not involving Deadpool]
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