Cable and Deadpool Link List 3

The lovely storm_dragoness made a master list of the Cable/Deadpool kink meme comment fics. Part 1 and Part 2 are on her journal and the continuation will be here.

The meme didn't completely die in 2011, and there's a decent number of fics that weren't added to this list. If you're just now getting into Deadpool/Cable or even if you've been a fan, you might not of have caught these.

Last Updated: May 10, 2016

- Parting Shots
[Bullseye/Deadpool || Bullseye got dumped by Daken and Deadpool is divorced to Cable]

- I Open Up My Wings Of Glass
[Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool gets wings]

- Eclipse
[Ghost!Deadpool is haunting Normal!Cable]

- These Whereabouts Unknown
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes back to life and finds out that Wade is now a member of X-Force, a.k.a the team he formed]

- Rape Me
[Deadpool/Multiple Men, Cable || Deadpool gets kidnapped and gang banged and the video is sent to Cable]

- Who's Your Daddy?
[Implied Cable/Deadpool || Deadpool meets his future/alternate kids that he had with Cable]

- The Merc Who's A Mute
[Cable/Deadpool || Everyone is happy DP lost his voice... Except for Nate - Sidenote, while this story is technically incomplete, the last part that was written kind of acts as a happy ending]

-Head Trauma
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade never stops hurting]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Baked goods]

- Have a Talk
[Wade and Al have a talk about Nate]

- Daddy
[Deadpool/his dad || non-con, incest, blood warning]

- Little Hope
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope || Fairytale!AU]

- What Are You Wearing?
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade is wearing Spider-man underwear and Nate does not approve]

- Aw, Screw It
[Pretty!Wade/Cable || Scott thinks Nate is going through a mid-life crisis, Dialogue only]

- Amnesia Fill
[Nate/Amnesiac!Wade || Wade loses his memory, hijinx with Cable ensue]

- Hold It Against Me
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade starts singing Britney Spears's 'Hold it against me'
While fighting zombies and Nate finds himself distracted by it]

- Gentling
[Cable/Deadpool || Angsty!Hyper-gentle!Sex]

- Homeward Bound
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope|| Wade tries to bond with Hope after Nate's Death]

- May Contain Sleeping Deadpools
[Cable/Sleeping!Deadpool || Consenual somnophilia]

- Ohana
[Captain America/Deadpool || Deadpool and Cap watch a movie, and Deadpool cries]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes back in an X-force setting]

- Breathless
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade breaks down and Nate doesn't know what to do]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || More sobbing Wade]

- The Box
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate donates the wrong box of Wade's to charity]

- The Whole Freakin' Bottle
[Cable/Deadpool || Short crack fic]

- Marital Commitments
[Cable/Deadpool || Nathan proposes to Wade. On going series on AO3]

- When Boxes React
[Deadpool is pretty again and he doesn't even know it]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade and Nate have a private walk and Wade's fantasy comes true]

- Aw, Screw It!
[Cable/Deadpool || Wade makes people think Cable is going through a midlife crisis and force Scott Summers to have an uncomfortable Father-to-Son talk with Cable, dialogue only]

- Body Heat
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate becomes unconscious from hypothermia and it's up to Deadpool to save him]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Sex gets interrupted because Wade realizes that 'we' are watching them, short fic]

- King For A Day
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate stumbles upon Wade wearing a pink cocktail dress]

- On Thin Ice
[Cable/Deadpool, Hope || Nate, Wade, and Hope go see dancing on ice and Deadpool gets himself into some trouble]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || Short pwp (will have to scroll through a few comments)]

- Whispers In the Dark
[Wolverine/Deadpool || Wade says Nate's name when with Logan]

- Phone Sex
[Cable/Deadpool || Title says it all]

Marvel Kink Meme
- Prison Sucks
[Logan/Deadpool, Victor/Deadpool || Team X days, while imprisoned together]

- Untitled
[Bullseye imagines fucking Deadpool to death, warning very graphic although it all takes place in Bullseye's imagination]

- Untitled
[The Cat/Deadpool]

- Untitled
[Cable/Deadpool || TO-fisting]

- Quick Fantasy
[Cable/Deadpool || Black Mamba episode, short fic]

- Untitled
[Daken/Deadpool || Daken acts menacing evil while trying to dominate and Wade thinks it's adorable and also tends to bounce back rather than break]

- Riding The Wild Wade
[Deadpool/Everyone || Movieverse, Origins!Era. Team X are tasked with capturing a pheromone controlling mutant. Their target escapes after pitching the boys into an orgy, gang-bang with Wade as the bottom. Bonus Drabble]

- Wolverine/Deadpool
[Wolverine/Deadpool || post-apoctolyptic fuck]

- RP
[Roleplay conversation. Another one here]

- True Bromance
[Cable/Deadpool || Nate comes to terms with his feelings and takes Wade to a candlelight dinner]

- Internal Narratives
[Deadpool/Harry Lockhart || Breaking the fourth wall & Deadpool convinces Harry he's in a comic)

- You Can't Tell Me Seuss Wasn't A Pervert
[Cable/Deadpool || Cablepool meets Dr. Seuss]

- Super Nookie
[Deadpool starts a superhero porn site]

- Untitled
[Teen!Nate/Deadpool || Jailbait Nate tries to seduce Wade in Intercourse, PA]

- Tentacle Rape
[Crazy!Nate/Deadpool || Wade gets trapped in the canon AU where Cable's TO had taken over the world, with the canon tentacle probing of ourverse!Deadpool in a sensitive place]

- Untitled
[Deadpool ends up in a gender-flipped, Rule 63 world and can't let go of how everyone is a woman]

- Untitled
[Daken/Multiple Pairings || Logan is sick of hearing from villains he's fighting how they did his son in the ass]

- A Cautionary Tale
[Deadpool/Daken || Deadpool tries to give Daken some advice about safe sex, because if he's not careful he's going to find himself in an mpreg someday]

- Untitled
[Deadpool/Daken || Deadpool tries inform Daken about Mpreg but he doesn't listen. Mpreg not involving Deadpool]

Fandoms & Ships

I'm into comics and cartoons but my favs range a little. I'll add more to this list as time goes by.

OTP: Cable/Deadpool
[Nate can be a butt in the comics, super manipulative, and unapologetic, but I feel like fanfic writers make up for that]

[Very cute but don't read much fic about them]

[I don't mind the pairing and there are a few golden fics I like]
If I'm being honest I ship DP with any male😂

Teen Titans (show)
OTP: Robin/Slade
[I love them but it depends on how the fic is written if I'm gonna enjoy it. They're kinda like a guilty pleasure ship for me. This pairing can be a bit touchy with the underage thing]

[Red-X isn't even a fully developed character in the show, he's probably in 4 episodes at most, but yet he generated a following and got me hooked. Love the fandom characterization of him]

[They're too similar not to ship tbh plus Speedy's jealousy in show show leaves a lot of doors open]

[Such a cute pairing but unfortunately like all my favs are not very popular. There's some fic out there that I like to read but is admittably hard to find]

Teen Titans (comic) Nightwing, Deathstroke
OTP: Slade Wilson/Dick Grayson or Nightwing/Deathstroke
[I literally Love them so much. I ship them more than Robin/Slade (mainly because of the super age difference thing) but I think they're better suited for each other in this universe]

Dick Grayson/Roy Harper
[Best friends to boy friends is always great. Well maybe not BEST friends but ya know still makes for good reading]
Will ship Dick/anyone expect Batman that's a no go

Teen Wolf
OTP: Peter/Stiles
[They would be a pretty f'd up pairing if they were together in the show I'll admit, but I've read some Fantastic fic that turned my mind completely around on this pairing]

[I used to ship them but after discovering Steter I can't go back. I have a couple fics I still love but]
This is the only pairing where I can't ship one of them with anyone else. I'll read sterek but it's not as good to me.

If you guys want any recs let me know!!


Have had this account for about 6 months but have only been using it to read other people's fics/journals. I'm going to start using this now and hopefully contribute to some fandom :)